Why Interdisciplinary studies?

I’m majoring in interdisciplinary studies because the normal college pools aren’t colorful enough for me.

I grew up different, most would say I’m “weird”.  I grew up with a mentally ill father, no permanent mother figure, lived in a trailer, and we bought food with food stamps. The icing on the cake is that I have ADHD. How was I ever going to fit in?

I decided I wasn’t, and chose to embrace it all. I grew up under the influence of a skilled taxidermist, my father, Fredrick Albert Bewersdorf III.


That was my only understanding of an honest job. His job was interdisciplinary as he had to incorporate a mix of anatomy, zoology, physiology, and sculpture art. I helped him a lot with his work, and found it fascinating and a bit g never the less, i found it to be a crucial part of finding out who and what I wanted to be.

Semester after semester, I floundered, lost with an idea. This idea could change the way people learned. I assume, from the people I’ve met over the last 20 years of my life, that people are like canvases, and a lot of media is being thrown at them.


At the end of the day they look like half finished works all over the canvas, with more abstraction than an actual understanding of what really went on that day. I wanted to help close the circle, or finish the big picture so to say. The big picture being the public’s understanding of their body. I hated learning about the body for so long, but I came to realize it isn’t the subject, its the teacher. But most of the time, it was the teachers teacher who taught them that way, and it hardly did a thing in terms of helping the students. I want to change how we educate children, college students, and the general public on the one thing every human being has: a body. With all these dreams building over the years, my window of opportunity started to close. I though that only exceptionally bright students would have the opportunity to do what I wanted to do, and so I put my beautiful ideas on a dusty imaginary shelf to be ornaments floating in my subconscious.

I tried to stick to the status quo, like I had tried before, but nothing sit right in my mind. I just simply couldn’t do one thing forever.

And so, I entered an office, spilled my dreams on the desk of a very open minded woman and she told me “yes, this is possible”. I finally found a  misfits place in this university. I found people with grand ideas destined for big things, and seeing the confidence in their eyes gave me the confidence to stick to what I believed in. I was finally handed the pen and paper to write my own future, but for real this time. I was given all the information and was talked through the program, and instead of confusion and looks of disappointment, I was looked at like a colleague. I was looked at like I knew what I was doing, and for once I feel like I do know what I’m doing. I can dip my hand in different pools of paint, and I can mix what I want so that I can see the big picture.

Interdisciplinary studies to me is using more than one discipline to do something better than how it has always existed. Its about bringing something new to the table, changing how we see and do things. Its about seeing a problem and dipping into different puddles of disciplines to solve it. Its freedom to do more than complete the job, its about finding more than one option to fix the problems. Its about seeing the bigger picture.

My family has always supported me, they know when I’m determined about something, I will get it done. My friends already see me succeeding, especially with this course. They tell me that they see me becoming me, with confidence and structure. My boyfriend tells me that he knows Ill figure it out no matter what. But my teachers have believed in me more than anyone. They are the only ones who know what kind of work has to go into this kind of commitment and how difficult it will be to accomplish my dream, and they say I can do it. And so, Im doing it.

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