Where do you belong?

“Repetition is the mother of all learning.” This is what my sister told me, she was not the kind of kid to say that kind of thing on her own. where did she learn that, from someone who thinks that repetition teaches you something. I don’t doubt it does, but applying students to real world problems will teach them a lot more than repeating a phrase. As Interdisciplinary Education: A Reflection of the Real World puts it “Real world problems ‘rarely arise within orderly disciplinary categories, and neither do their solutions'”.  Sometimes its best to break out of the conformity of the public schools. College is an opportunity to further your education in something that you find interesting, or something you truly love. For many, college is associated with picking a major, learning it well, and graduating. But college isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing. An article called Interdisciplinary Education: A Reflection of the Real World says “The assembly line mentality of the industrial world has morphed into a teambased mindset whereby integrated skills and concepts are applied across a wide range of courses. To excel in the professional environment, today’s collegiate graduates should be prepared to go beyond the simple mastery of content and low level thinking” 
Lets say you want to major in something that isn’t really offered. lets say you want to specialize in something more diverse, different than the rest. If this sounds like you, then your like me. Sometimes you can major in one subject, and minor in another, but lets just say that you want to mix those together for your future career. This is something you can actually do. You major in interdisciplinary studies. Interdisciplinary studies means you study two different disciplines that don’t necessarily go together, not usually. But when you combine these two majors you are able to solve a problem bigger than what lies in each department.
I found myself doing interdisciplinary studies because I had a dream of being a medical illustrator. I started out just focusing on taking both art and science courses, but I was undeclared. The time came, and the school wanted me to declare a major, and I stood there and twiddled my thumbs. I didn’t know where to go, what to do, so I had to ask for some help. I knew what I wanted to do for a career, but I didn’t know how to accomplish a major that would get me into graduate school. I found to many barriers in majoring in art. I wanted more options, I didn’t want to be bound by my major. I wanted to be freed by my title: Medical Illustrator.
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