My Inspiration?

My favorite artist is Frank H Netter, who, to please his mum, went to school to be a doctor, instead of following his passion of art. Years into his career, he found that there was more need for his ability with a paintbrush than his use of a scalpel. So the Michelangelo of Medical illustration was born. I used to love going to the doctors, because I loved testing them on their knowledge of anatomy, and I told them I wanted to be like Frank Netter. One of my doctors (my favorite) Dr. Denise E. Youssef at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Nashua NH helped me take my first big step down the path towards my future. I had told her often about my goals in the medical illustration field, and we started chatting more about Frank Netter than my torn meniscus, and she said she would be right back. She left the room and came back with a copy of Frank H Netter MD. Atlas of Human Anatomy. I swear I still get teary eyed about that day. She gave it to me to keep, and I will forever be grateful to that wonderful doctor who went above and beyond to take care of me for 8 long years. Related image┬áHery Vandyke Carter. Another of my favorites was the OG of Medical illustration, a quite man who illustrated the famous book Grays Anatomy, by Henry Gray. No one ever mentioned the quiet artist Henry Vandyke Carter in the title, but in high school, my junior year, I read a book on his journal. I couldn’t have wanted anything more in my entire life. The life of a medical illustrator is basically like being a doctor without the liability of taking care of an actual living patient. It is thanks to one of my favorite high school teachers Anne Clifton-Waite that I discovered this crazy career path. My inspiration does come from many other artist whom I have not mentioned here, but probably will in the future. However it is with great admiration I dub these two great legends as my initial inspirations.
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