Portfolio for graphic design 3

The first images we see are from my graphic design 3 class. The project was to create a basic cover, inside cover, table of contents, and four double page spreads, to showcase my idea of an anatomy textbook. The cover page is painted using brushes on photoshop and hours of blending and discovering new ways to generate imagery. The rest of the pages are focused on the layout of the text, and the general flow of the pages. I learned a lot about how to create a functional textbook that is easy to understand and easy to follow. You may notice the name on the book is Sirianni. Sirianni will be the name I take when I decide to get married, also my maiden ( Bewersdorf) was too long and looked more awkward in the title and other pages. This was my favorite project in College, and I spent countless hours observing multiple textbooks as references.

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