Personal Learning Network

Branching out through my PLN or Personal Learning Network, which we accomplish through using social media like Twitter. I never had Twitter before entering the interdisciplinary studies program. The first semester I didn’t understand how to use twitter, so I didn’t tweet much or follow anyone. This semester was different though. I tweeted every day, I followed people in my field, I contacted all the major people in the network, and I gained some recognition for myself. I have a network of people who can help me when I don’t know what I am doing in the field. I am building up my contacts and making connections with people across the country. I even made contact with a retired medical illustrator who offered me some insight into the field. He told me to study the computer aspect of medical illustration as it will give me a better leg up in the field.

The first Medical Illustration.

Confronting the issues of our past

Helping a fellow colleague out!

Fan Girling about some of my favorite historical Medical Illustrators!

Talking about medical art history, and correcting someone on their knowledge.

Sharing some very funny Illustrations from history.

Listening to James Pickering on Medicine.

Artificial eyes for prosthetics.

Learning about current topics in the field.

Doctors offices are a great place for inspiration.

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