If I owned a university

Trysten Bewersdorf   If I could start my own university, I would have courses in Latin. This would help any student understand basic roots of any language or understand bigger words in their respected majors. I think it would help students learn how to translate the world around them and teach them to draw comparisons to any topic they come in contact with that they were not trained in at university. I would incorporate a course focused on what society needs and where these students can apply their major to help benefit the society they live in. Everyone wants to make it big in the world, but making it big is not the same as that one superstar musician who nailed their audition on American idol. I think showing students what the world needs most gives them the opportunity to take their major, and apply it in a way that would guarantee that they are able to use their college training in the working world rather than just using their degree as a pass that says “you have completed a higher level of education”. I feel as though a lot of students go to school without knowing what the job market needs, so they wing it as even I did, we need to know what the world needs, and how we can help. I would apply a course on verbal communication, a lot of our interactions with people could go better if we knew how to access our knowledge rather than our emotions first. The class would be much like an acting course but it would teach students how to use the skills to avoid unnecessary confrontation. When people at rallies are confronted by an opposing party, many people break out in a high stress argument instead of logically declining the discussion, or rebuttal the argument with a calm and level head. This way, students could remain calm in times of crisis when they become CEO of some prestigious business. Who doesn’t want to learn some stress management? I would include a course that would teach students to be frugal and efficient. We have terrible skills in saving our money as a college student. We are already in debt up to our eyes, I think it would benefit students to learn a bit more about protecting their wallet. They would learn how to find food outside of the conventional stores, like maybe how to grow some easily grown vegetables like lettuce and other things that require little space and grow like a weed. They would learn how to utilize the coupons in the back of the newspaper. They would learn how to squeeze every last drop out of their laundry soaps, and printer inks. They would learn how to sow, how to cook with minimal ingredients, besides, spices are cheaper than seasoned meat. Some things are taught by families but some families could benefit from these things as well. They could learn to budget, and get more for their dollar. This way they could learn to save enough money to pay for those expensive medical books. I would start some classes that teach about survival outdoors that would require students to go outdoors for their class. They would learn how to find food, build shelter, and see what society has lost from our ancestors over the years of colonization. It would also teach students how to use their resources wisely, we waste many of our difficultly obtained resources without thinking. Any major would apply to this course as it concerns higher thought process development which every major needs. Plus, it’s an easy way to learn some boring topics when your outdoors learning on a small scale, and understanding how to apply it to a large scale issue. If I owned a university, many of my courses would overlap different disciplines, but that is because the world needs someone who understands more than one topic to successfully continue our growing population and its diverse societies.
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One thought on “If I owned a university”

  1. Some of this made me smile (a course in squeezing out the last of the toothpaste– ha ha) but the big ideas that fuel these categories are so wonderful. Not only would I like to study at a place like this, I’d like to send my kid to a school like this…

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