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  16074575370_63767c8194_oOriginally when I signed up for this class, I was hoping to find a way to be successful in my pursuit to become a medical illustrator. I was hoping to understand what kind of future I might have in that field, and the challenges I would have to overcome. I had no idea really what would come out of this course, and I was banking on the fact that it helped everyone else who was in my situation. Its hard to be a university student who’s dream doesn’t fit in and i found that interdisciplinary studies is a way a student can be whatever they dreamed of being. Before taking Interdisciplinary studies, I had no clue what interdisciplinarity meant. I found myself trying to explain my major to my family and friends, and essentially it came out like “Its like building my own personalized major to suit my needs as an unusual student”. I think how I explained it made enough sense to them. But they really didn’t understand the huge relief that this program gave me. Over the course of the semester, my understanding of interdisciplinary studies has definitely grown. trough growing with my other classmates, I feel more comfortable in saying I understand what it means to work interdisciplinarily. As a group, we defined interdisciplinarity as: it incorporates several fields of study to allow collaboration among divers disciplines to either specify of broaden a students education to gain understanding and/or to solve problems. I know this is not specifically my words, but I think this is how I would like to define it as this. It feels correct to me, and each member of the class put their input into it, including me, so I feel comfortable saying it is, in a way, my own words. I enjoyed some of the articles and topics we discussed in our class. Definitely loved talking about how the world would benefit from doing interdisciplinary work more in universities. In one of the articles Standing Alone  the author Carly Ristuccia says “Interdisciplinary Studies has given me the confidence to create something of my own that may not be out there yet.” This is a personal triumph, and one that many in interdisciplinary studies often share. I think its important to point out the challenges of interdisciplinary studies. One of the great struggles that I found in this topic was the funding boundaries. In an article focusing on the boundaries of funding, they said that one of the reason people in interdisciplinary studies don’t receive funding was that “Some fear that it drains funds, time and energy from ‘core’ disciplines. Research funders often hear complaints that schemes targeted at interdisciplinarity distract researchers. There is a persistent argument that ‘you can’t have inter-disciplines without disciplines”. (Nature). The troubles in finding a job in an interdisciplinary title from my point of view is that the companies would rather hire a person specialized in one field of study. You wouldn’t want a doctor who specializes in neuroscience and OBGYN working on your child for knee problems, even if they are also a specialist in pediatrics. The problem is the idea of a lack of experience in the field. Interdisciplinary studies matters to the world because it bridges the gaps between mountains of compiled data from each discipline. I Think it is important that other universities encourage this for students with bigger ideas than the school offers. In general I think the world should encourage people to try to learn more then one trade or discipline, because it encourages collaboration. My hope is that through interdisciplinary studies, I will be able to complete this long journey, and emerge as a medical illustrator with a little more understanding of how the world works in communication, acceptance and learn how to deal with the boundaries. I hope that interdisciplinary studies becomes a more central program of studies at this school, and universities and colleges around the world.
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2 thoughts on “Final paper”

  1. Trysten,
    This was a wonderful final paper! I really identified with the explanation that you gave with being an IDS major, and I sense the relief you felt when you built your own major. All semester I’ve been interested in seeing some of your illustrations and I hope you have the opportunity to upload them! Good luck next semester and keep up the good work.

  2. A lovely reflection! Allowing yourself more time to work on these will help with some of the grammar and mechanics, but you certainly have a gift for self-expression, so I really hope you keep using this ePort to post your work and your reflections…it’s a pleasure to read your thoughts!

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