A Future in Medical Illustration

Hi, My name is Trysten Bewersdorf, and this is a student account on the process of becoming a Medical Illustrator. Medical illustration is art illustrated by a skilled artist used to communicate difficult processes learned in the medical field, typically displayed in medical books, posters etc. A medical illustrator must understand more than just their paintbrushes and graphic design abilities, they must also study biology as a medical student would. There are only four schools of which the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) accepts as credible. Despite the narrow interest in the field, it is still very difficult for an aspiring medical illustrator, like me, to get that degree and join the masters of Illustrated science. *Fingers crossed* (I also sell art, if you see something you like, drop me a link!) Want to know more? ask away in the comment section below or follow me on twitter (my twitter feed is off to the right of the screen)

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